Prices – overview

What does it cost to setup and run an Estonian company with e-Residency and with the assistance of B2baltics?


Setting up and running a Private Limited Company (OÜ) in Estonia is easy and cost efficient with the assistance of B2baltics consulting.


Start-up costs:

  • State fee for e-Residency: EUR 100,-
  • B2baltics fee for Assistance Package incl first 3 month Virtual office and contact person: EUR 75,- + VAT
  • State fee for company registration with e-Residency: EUR 190,-

Total: EUR 365 + EUR 15 in VAT (including first 3 months running costs)


Running costs:

  • Virtual office incl authorized contact person for procedural documents reception (after the first 3 month): EUR 15/month + VAT
  • Annual report: Minimum EUR 80,- + VAT

Total for 1 full year: EUR 260,- + 52 in VAT



  • Bookkeeping for a non-VAT registered company: min EUR 16/month + VAT, see prices here
  • Bookkeeping for VAT registered company with monthly reporting of VAT and other taxes: min EUR 19/month + VAT, see prices here


OBS: For a VAT registered company, paid VAT can be deducted and recovered. 


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