Assistance package: 3 month Virtual Office and all the assistance you need for starting your company: 75€ + VAT = 90€

This is what you need to start your company in Estonia with e-Residency. Our assistance package guides you through establishing your global EU company in Estonia with e-Residency. Includes the first 3 month of Virtual Office (legal address) and all the assistance you need to incorporate and get your company up and running such as assistance with getting bank account and VAT registration. 

If you already have the e-Residency you can start trading with your Estonian company today when you buy our assistance package. The total price is 75€ + VAT = 90€. Just go to the shop and buy the Assistance package.

All assistance with incorporation: 30,00
First 3 month of Virtual Office:      45,00
Total:                                                 75,00
VAT (20%):                                         15,00

TOTAL:                                                €90,00

OBS: The package does not include the state fee of €190. In order to ensure quick and smooth incorporation, we recommend that you also add the €190 state fee to the shopping basket. We put both services in the cart for you here