Naturally, when you establish a company in Estonia, the company must be registered at a physical address, which is called it’s “Legal address“. This is the official address of the company, which can be used for mail reception of all official documents.

Included in the Virtual Office is also official contact person by B2baltics consulting as a licensed service provider,

B2baltics consulting offers Virtual Office with Contact Person, Mail reception and forwarding for €12,50/month + VAT (yearly billing), and we call that service Virtual Office. The first month is included in the Assistance package.

The Virtual Office service can be complemented with additional functions, and we can assist you in many ways to help you run your business from Estonia:

Bookkeeping: We can handle the bookkeeping for your Estonian company, including monthly VAT reporting to the authorities, annual report and all other required bookkeeping.

Assistance package: We offer to guide you through the process of obtaining e-residency and registration of an Estonian private limited company. With  e-residency you can run your Estonian company from anywhere in the world and digitally sign documents and contracts, declare taxes and in general administer your business.

Local phone number with call handling: Get your own Estonian phone number with call handling included, for as little as EUR 19/month + VAT. No setup fee or hidden charges. Let B2baltics consulting handle all your inbound calls with a full fledged call center solution: Set up call flows with opening hours, call queues, call recording, voice mail, call forwarding etc for as little as EUR 19/month + VAT.

Access to the EU: With an Estonian company you are established within the EU and have access to the European market. Through use of e-residency coupled with the favourable business climate in Estonia, this is often the most cost efficient solution.

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