Virtual office services

Virtual office (legal address): EUR 15/month + VAT.

Includes contact person (authorized person for procedural documents reception), physical mail reception and e-mail forwarding.

Legal address in Estonia: A legal address in Estonia is required by Estonian law in order to register and operate a company. Together with the legal address we offer receiving and forwarding of mail and e-mail

Authorized person for procedural documents reception service will be obligatory by law for all virtual office clients, starting from January 15th 2018.

Bookkeeping: We can handle the bookkeeping for your Estonian company, including monthly VAT reporting to the authorities, annual report and all other required bookkeeping.

Assistance package: We offer to guide you through the process of obtaining e-residency and registration of an Estonian private limited company. With  e-residency you can run your Estonian company from anywhere in the world and digitally sign documents and contracts, declare taxes and in general administer your business.

Access to the EU: With an Estonian company you are established within the EU and have access to the European market. Through use of e-residency coupled with the favourable business climate in Estonia, this is often the most cost efficient solution.




Global EU company the easy and inexpensive way