Temporary pick-up points for e-Residency digital ID in Barcelona, Munich & Istanbul

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Apply for e-Residency until 15 March to take advantage of these locations for select dates in May

Attention entrepreneurs in or near Barcelona, Munich, and Istanbul!

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Have you been thinking about applying for e-Residency but so far had no time or resources to pick up your digital identity card in distant capitals?

Well now is your chance…

Apply for e-Residency between 20 January and 15 March 2020 and you can opt to pick up your e-Residency digital identity card and documents at one of the following three temporary pick-up points only within the dates indicated:

  • Barcelona: Tuesday 5 May — Thursday 7 May 2020
  • Munich: Tuesday 12 May — Thursday 14 May 2020
  • Istanbul: Tuesday 19 May — Thursday 21 May 2020

The exact address and possible times of pick-up will be communicated to applicants opting for one of these cities when they are informed their digital identity cards are ready.

Apply for e-Residency now! And read our guide on creating your company:Here’s how you can create an EU company with EU banking (anywhere on Earth)A step-by-step guide for using Estonia’s e-Residency programme to become a location-independent entrepreneur.medium.com

Of course, the regular pick-up points at Estonian embassies and representative offices will continue to issue e-Residency digital identity cards as usual.

This activity is part of the Estonian government’s strategy to improve access to e-Residency to entrepreneurs across the globe. Consider it a test run for more similar activities in other locations in the future.

Stay up-to-date with news about other temporary pick-up points in the future here on the blog and on our social media channels: TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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E-Residency is a digital identity and status offered by the Republic of Estonia to people living outside its borders. It provides virtual access to Estonia’s e-governance platform and services and its open and transparent business environment. E-residents can start an EU-based company online, digitally sign and encrypt documents, and run their business low cost and paperless from anywhere in the world. E-Residency does not provide any rights of travel, physical residency or citizenship to Estonia or the EU.