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Change to B2baltics incl State fee (25€) and first 3 month Virtual Office (contact person, legal address)


With e-Residency, this is all you need to change service provider for your Estonian company. Includes the state fee of 25€.

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Change to B2baltics: Change Contact person and legal address to B2baltics incl State fee (25€) and the first 3 month Virtual Office.

When you buy the package we will pay the 25 € state fee for you and guide you through the change in the business register. The first 3 month of Virtual office is included. After the first 3 month, the Virtual Office start from 12,50/month + VAT with annual billing.

We offer to guide you through the process of obtaining e-Residency and registration of an Estonian private limited company (OÜ).

This package is put together with the purpose of making it easy and smooth for you to handle everything regarding obtaining e-Residency in Estonia, establishing a company there and getting it up and running.

The package consist of

  • signup fee: 0€
  • State fee: 25€
  • first 3 month of Virtual Office (contact person, legal address, mail forwarding)
  • detailed instructions for every step in the process
  • e-mail support/online meeting/chat support in case of questions or problems
  • help with VAT registration: 0€
  • help with getting a bank account: 0€
  • all support you need