Please agree to the terms for Virtual Office

This subscription is a continuation of the service agreement between your company, represented by you (the client), and B2baltics consulting OÜ, represented by Mr. Nicolai Skjoldby, as described in the “VIRTUAL OFFICE TERMS OF SERVICE” agreement signed by both parties in connection with company incorporation. The client agrees to the following, when subscribing to Virtual Office: – As long as the client’s company is registered on the Address provided by B2baltics consulting (Sakala tn 7-2, 10141, Tallinn), and/or the official contact person for the client’s company is B2baltics consulting, the client agrees to pay the subscription fee for Virtual office – There can be no gaps or overlaps in subscriptions: the client agrees that if subscriptions are bought with gaps or overlaps from the previous subscription period, B2baltics consulting will adjust the subscription period to avoid such gaps or overlaps.